A clean vinyl is a sweet-sounding vinyl

An easy way to clean your vinyls at home.

Whether you purchase an old vinyl from the store or decide to dust one off your shelf, overtime, records become static and dusty. More damage can be done to a vinyl if it is not clean. Fortunately, there is a solution.

You can see how these vinyls have collected dust.
Picture by me.

A vinyl can’t be cleaned with just anything. It is important to invest in the right products that will ensure restoration and cleansing. You should purchase record cleaning fluid and a vinyl record brush or microfiber cloth, these will help to keep your records clean from static and dust.

You can find these products at your local record store or online, prices range from $5 up to $30, depending on the quality of the product or if you’re buying single or package products.

Vinyl Styl is just one of many affordable cleaning products for your vinyl records.
Picture by me.

Here are steps you should follow:

  1. Place your vinyl on your record player and play it at the slowest speed. As the record is moving take the record brush and gently place it above the moving vinyl. Be careful not to push down too hard to avoid damaging the grooves. With a microfiber cloth, you can also clean the record while it is playing or by hand. If you decide to clean a vinyl by hand, just be careful for you may leave fingerprints.
  2. If there are any smudges, fingerprints or discoloration on the surface, apply record cleaning fluid on these problem areas. Using a microfiber cloth only, apply pressure in a circular motion to rub away blemishes. Avoid getting any fluid on the label, it may become damaged.
  3. Rinse the vinyl with distilled water, tap water may damage it, and dry the record with a clean cloth. Try to handle the vinyl by the edges or the label only.

The best way to prevent future issues is to store your vinyls with a protective sleeve. This will reduce the amount of dust that will attach to the vinyl. For additional protection, you can buy outer sleeves, which will also help to keep dust and dirt from finding the record.

When storing your vinyls, keep them in a vertical position and away from high temperatures to avoid warping. Vinyls are at higher risk of warping overtime if they are stored horizontally.

The only thing left to know is only to repeat these steps whenever you notice the sound plays crackling or hissing noises, they usually indicate your vinyl is dusty and in need of cleaning. Otherwise, happy listening!

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